Coffee Scrub FAQ

Should I use Noyau coffee scrub before or after I wash?

If you have oily skin, better to use a light body wash or soap after you scrub to remove any excess oil. If your skin is dry or if you’re looking for extra hydration or nourishment, simply rinse and let the oils penetrate. So basically, if you have dry skin, wash before you scrub.

Is it safe to use Noyau coffee scrub everywhere on my body?

Noyau coffee scrub is for external use only. Basically, anywhere you’d use soap is safe. If using on your face, use slightly less pressure and avoid the eye contour area.

I have very sensitive skin, is Noyau coffee scrub safe to use?

Every ingredient in our products is 100% natural. In fact, Noyau is the product of a life long search for an effective, user friendly, natural and affordable skin care for my very sensitive skin. That being said, everyone is different and it is possible that you may have an adverse reaction to one of the ingredients. If that is the case, discontinue use.

Why use upcycled coffee grounds?

After coffee is brewed, it still contains a significant amount of caffeine. And though it wouldn't taste very good if you tried brewing it a second time, this is the perfect job for it! We love being able to give some of our community's waste a second life.

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