About Noyau

I’m from Montreal and I absolutely love it here! But those Canadian winters, man. The summers too, actually. It just totally messes with my skin’s mood. I have always had very dry and undernourished skin. And EXTREMELY sensitive. I cannot tell you how many products - even hypoallergenic - I’ve tried and had to throw away because the perfumes, dyes and additives irritated my skin (the skincare cemetery is real). So, being uncomfortable in my skin became my everyday, and I just accepted the fact that I would have to live with it.

The only relief I got was when I would go down to the beach for a week and feel the benefits of the salty ocean water on my skin. That got me thinking. How could I bring this feeling back home with me? So I started researching and I stumbled upon all the great benefits coffee has on your skin. Perfect! I’m a huge coffee fanatic and I had access to coffee grounds to try something out. I made and tested countless batches until it was just right.

I love everything about this product. I love how it feels and how it smells, I love the fact that so much coffee is being upcycled and reused for something good instead of just being tossed into the trash, but above all, I love that the results are instantly noticeable (I’m pretty impatient - did I mention all the bottles in the skin care cemetery?).

This feeling is what I want Noyau to be for all of you.

- Melanie

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